The Experience -Tips


got something in your wardrobe you've been waiting for an excuse to wear again? Why not bring it along?

tips for your beauty portrait

1. Come along on the day with your hair freshly washed or washed the night before and dried with no product.
2. Make sure you arrive with no make-up on, and your normal face moisturiser is fine.
3. Have your hair cut, coloured or roots retouched if you need it. Also be sure to have any waxing or any other personal grooming done prior to your appointment.
4. Finger and toe nails should be either freshly painted or all traces of nail polish removed.
5. For clothing, bring along a few different tops (long + short sleeve and sleeveless), 1 pair of nice jeans and a couple of dresses. Make sure you have a variety of casual and dressy. It is best that the outfits you bring have a range of something light and something dark. We ask that they are mostly plain coloured with no pattern or text on the clothing as we want the photos to focus on you rather than the outfits.
6. Jewellery - feel free to bring along jewellery pieces that match the outfits. However, we like to keep jewellery simple with usually one feature item per outfit.