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Studio eclectic is a small home-based boutique studio specialising in lifestyle wedding and portrait photography. We value quality, personalised customer service and customer satisfaction above all other pursuits.

This is such a special time, especially if you are about to become parents for the first time. We can arrange for maternity sessions to be booked in conjunction with your newborn session so that you can share photos of your child from belly to birth. Maternity sessions are best held when you are about 32-38 weeks pregnant. They can include husbands and other family members if you wish. Maternity sessions usually last for no more than an hour. 

Becoming new parents recently, we can truly say that this is one of the most incredible times of your life, but the first couple of months go by so quickly. and you before you know it, you have a toddler! As hard as it may be to co-ordinate, this time deserves to be documented more than any other. We understand that it is hard to book a newborn session in advance as babies don't always arrive on time! However we ask that you schedule a tentative session based upon baby’s anticipated due date. In the event that baby comes early or late, we will do our best to reschedule your session accordingly. The ideal time for newborn sessions is when baby is 5-10 days old. These sessions always take place in your home, as newborns are unpredictable and our aim is that your photos reflect that you are both comfortable and enjoying the experience. We ask that you put aside an entire morning (up to three hours) for your newborn session. 

Baby, Toddler & Child
Children grow up and change too fast! Don’t miss the opportunity to document and capture your precious ones’ unique characteristics and personality through the various stages of their development and growth. Why not incorporate a favourite activity or location as part of your kids’ shoot? That way your session will be unique and personal to you and your family. Baby sessions are best held when your little one is between 6-10 months of age; where they are able to sit up, begin to crawl and stand with assistance. Toddler or child sessions are perfect at any age. 

Family sessions are about celebrating your life, what you love and of course each family member - no matter how small or big your family is. As each of our clients are unique, each Portrait Session experience is unique. We will customise each session according to your needs, working together with you as you plan your choice of location, clothing + even the activity for your shoot! e.g. a picnic at the beach or park, washing the dog, bike riding, baking a cake or just simply jumping on the bed! Our aim as photographers is to capture the beauty in your relationships as you have fun + do life together! 

Love and friendship should be celebrated, whether it's brand new or a lifetime's worth. Imagine a picnic on a hill top for no special reason except to enjoy each other or a surprise proposal in a beautiful outdoors location captured on camera! Life just gets busier as time goes by and often we don't take time out to just be together and enjoy each others' company. Our shoots are a great way for those in love to have a relaxing afternoon enjoying each others company, whether you are dating, engaged, married or celebrating your 50th wedding anniversary. Since this session of for anyone you love, think best friends, siblings, pets or any other important relationship in your life that deserves to be photographed!


weekday portrait sessions start at $200