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As a Sydney, Australia Wedding Photographer, we here at Studio Eclectic Photography have made it our personal mission to offer couples planning a wedding for any destination throughout Sydney, a timeless and eclectic experience in terms of professional wedding photography.

We focus on serving couples in and around Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide,Perth, Hobart and other nearby cities with fabulous wedding venues. We would consider ourselves one of the best wedding photographers in the inner west of Sydney for couples who are looking for something timeless and elegant. We are a boutique husband and wife team small studio with personalized service. We blend the best of all genres (landscape, photojournalist, fashion, lifestyle etc) in our photography hence the name studio eclectic. We pride ourselves in producing high quality beautiful albums and wall prints with a goal that every client walks away with something tangible they can enjoy in their home each day. Our style of work and branding could be described as sophisticated, luxurious, clean and elegant. Our photography style can be described as candid, emotive and creative, yet classic and elegant at the same time.

We believe that, when you're looking for a premier wedding photographer in Sydney that there are a few key points that all modern couples should consider.

All photographers are people just like you and all people have unique personalities. There is not one single mold that all wedding photographers fit into. For this reason, we feel that it is very important to find a professional wedding photographer whose personality you love being around.

During your wedding day and the process leading up to your wedding day you should plan on spending a considerable amount of time with your photographer for various photo shoots and planning meetings. If your personalities clash during these interactions, you can bet that you may also clash on the wedding day as well. Finding a person or a team of photographers who you genuinely enjoy being around can be a major factor in ensuring that you love the memories associated with your wedding photos.

Like personality the stylistic approach of every wedding photographer is completely unique. Not all photographers see your wedding and imagery the same way. As Sydney wedding photographers our style tends to be romantic and timeless. Ensuring that you love your final wedding photos may have very much to do with whether or not you love our stylistic approach.

Don't hesitate to ask your wedding photographer if you can view entire wedding collections to get a feel for the consistency of their style. Pay attention to lighting, shadows, use of color, as well as natural light. If the wedding photographer's style is consistent from one wedding or photo shoot to the next then you can rest assured that you know exactly what to expect at the end of the day.

After all, you don't want to hang photos in your home that you aren't in love with, right?


Finally, price point is always something to consider. However, we always recommend not hiring your wedding photographer solely based on price. What we DO recommend is finding a Sydney wedding photographer whose personality you fall in love with and whose stylistic approach you can't live with out and then find a way to make their prices work.

At the end of the day all of the items and vendors that you invested in to pull off your fabulous wedding will disappear in an instant. All you will have left is your wedding photos to remember all of those details that you designed, picked out, and paid for. Investing in quality wedding photography that you know you are going to enjoy for the rest of your lifetime becomes extremely important.

We are a Sydney wedding photography team based in the Sydney, Australia metro area offering wedding photography to amazing couples in and around Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide,Perth, and Hobart. For more information on choosing the best wedding photographer for you don't be afraid to contact us.

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